Member Story: Dan

“Had it not been for Best Doctors, I would have had a hugely more inva...
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Member Story: Lily

“I had always been told that I have a viral infection which is why I n...
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Member Story: Vi

“My life changed the day I had that procedure. I went to the hospital ...
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Member Story: Stephen

“I have a lot more confidence going forward that I have the right doct...
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Client Story: Magna

“It doesn’t matter if this is for the CEO of the company or ...
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Client Story: Hines

“I think Best Doctors clearly is the best in class.”

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Member Story: Chris

“They were the voice of reason and they empowered me to be a better co...
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Member Story: Zara

“Now I know what’s going on and I have a name for it. Best Docto...
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Member Story: Nancy

“I was so grateful, because [Best Doctors] gave me a window of opportu...
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Member Story: Mike

“I expected a lot from Best Doctors, and they delivered.” Read More »

Member Story: Shelly

“They redid everything – lab work, pathology tests – and came to t...
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Member Story: Ashifa

“The end result was there was no cancer. There was no radiation. T...
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Client Story: Geisinger Health

“Their expertise in being able to have worked in this space as muc...
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Client Story: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

“What Best Doctors does is they take away what is an administrativ...
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Client Story: Highmark, Inc.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Best Doctors....
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