If I hadn’t gone to Best Doctors, I could still be waiting for a diagnosis right now.”


After seeing almost a dozen different doctors, Zara was frustrated by her increasing pain levels, lack of mobility and the absence of any clear answers regarding her condition, so she contacted Best Doctors, a benefit she had access to through the extended health insurance plan from her father’s employer.


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How It Works

Expert Medical Opinion® is just one of our many highly impactful services. Expert Medical Opinion provides an in-depth analysis of your case – by an expert in your particular condition. It’s like a second opinion, only better!

Step 1

We collect all your records, X-rays, scans, test results and pathology samples. You don’t travel, visit doctors’ offices or hunt down files.

Step 2

Files are reviewed. Images are re-read.  Samples are retested at world renowned centers of excellence.

Step 3

Our expert provides you with a comprehensive, confidential report, including diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

Step 4

We enable collaboration with your treating physician to ensure you make the best treatment decisions.

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How We Can Help

Facing a medical challenge can be stressful enough without worrying whether you have the right diagnosis or the most effective treatment. In fact, it’s likely that most of us will experience at least one diagnostic error in our lifetime.

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Best Doctors provides individuals with the expertise and knowledge they need to make informed health care decisions. If you want to encourage your employer to offer our services, we can help you get the conversation started.

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