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We can help with everything from a minor surgery to major health concerns like cancer and heart disease. Our services are 100% confidential and there’s no cost to members.

There is no need for them to travel or chase-down medical records. Best Doctors array of services are also easily accessible via our online member portal.


Expert Medical Opinion

Have your medical case reviewed by a leading specialist


Ask the ExpertTM

Get more information about your medical condition from an expert


Find an Expert

Access a Best Doctors expert in your own country


Ask a GP

Gain access to an online GP and get answers to your medical questions


Mental Health Navigator

Have your case reviewed by a leading psychiatrist and psychologist and receive guidance as you navigate through the mental healthcare system, learn more


Treatment Decision Support

If you have a hip, shoulder, knee or back condition, Treatment Decision Support provides quick and convenient access to a tailored team of Orthopaedic experts to review your case.