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We provide access to the best medical minds in the world so you can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment or get expert answers to your medical questions. Best Doctors helps you make medical decisions with confidence.

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Expert Medical Opinion

Get an expert opinion from a renowned medical specialist

Have one of the leading specialists review your medical case through Best Doctors Expert Medical Opinion service. More than an opinion, it’s an in-depth analysis of your case by an expert from our database of more than 50,000 doctors in over 450 specialties. It’s a confidential service that complements the care your own doctor is providing.

We can collect all your records, X-rays, scans, test results–even pathology samples.

After an in-depth study of your case, our expert provides a comprehensive, personalised report, including a recommendation. You can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. And you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your health.



Ask the Expert

Fully understand your medical condition

Confused about a medical condition? Ask the Expert can help.

Your questions are addressed by an expert who is highly experienced in your particular condition. No more confusion. No more endless internet searches.

Make a confidential call to Best Doctors to let us know about your concerns. Your questions are then matched to the optimal expert from our database. Once reviewed, you will receive a report with the specialist’s answers.

If you need an in-depth review of your case, including confirmation of a diagnosis or treatment plan, turn to our Expert Medical Opinion service. But if you just need help understanding a medical condition or its treatment, simply Ask the Expert.

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Find an Expert™

Find a local Best Doctors specialist

Best Doctors can help you find a leading local specialist for your specific medical case or condition. Just call us and we will conduct a customised search of our expert database guided by your criteria.

We’ll recommend two or more top-rated medical specialists who meet your requirements and are in a convenient location for you to visit. Find an Expert will help locate the right medical expert for an in-person consultation.

Travel, accommodation, medical expenses and other associated costs are the responsibility of the patient and not included with Find an Expert.



Ask a General Practitioner

Online answers to basic medical questions from an Australian general practitioner

Are you looking for the answer to a non-urgent medical question? Are you seeking clarity about something your own doctor said? If so, Ask a GP is available to help.

Simply submit your questions via the Best Doctors member portal, and one of our carefully selected Australian general practitioners will provide a personal answer within 24 hours. It’s an easy and confidential way to get more information or to determine your medical next step.

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Mental Health Navigator

Virtual access to expert psychiatrists and psychologists

When you’re facing a mental health condition and feel like your current treatment plan isn’t working or your condition isn’t improving, Best Doctors can help.

Our nationally recognized expert psychiatrists and psychologists can review your condition and treatment to make sure you’re on the best health path forward.

You will receive recommendations once the review is complete and guidance through the complex mental healthcare system via phone or videoconference for the entirety of your care. The clinician who is assigned to you from the beginning of your case will be there for you every step of the way, checking in.

Click here to start making progress and feeling the relief you deserve.



Treatment Decision Support

Get guidance on the best treatment pathway from a tailored team of orthopaedic experts

The Treatment Decision Support service is designed to help patients achieve the best possible outcome in the treatment of spine, hip, knee and shoulder conditions, all from the comfort of their home and at no cost. You’ll be assigned a lead physician who will meet with you via videoconference, and they will coordinate an in-depth review of your case by a tailored team of experts that will include an orthopaedic surgeon.

Treatment Decision Support does not provide treatment. It provides access to a team of independent, leading orthopaedic experts who will provide you with evidence-based advice on the best treatment plan to remove pain and give you the best long-term quality of life.

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