About Us


Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School professors, Best Doctors is a global benefits provider that serves more than 40 million members in every major region of the world.

Best Doctors’ innovative services include access to an unrivaled network of physicians who have been selected as the best in their field by other leading doctors. With every service offered, the goal remains the same: to help people in need get the right diagnosis and treatment, significantly improving health outcomes.

In 2017, Best Doctors became a part of Teladoc Health, the largest, most trusted provider of virtual care delivery in the world. Teladoc Health provides a new kind of connected healthcare experience, one with better convenience, quality and value.

A Company of Bests

Best Doctors is integrated, easy, innovative, experienced, proven and trusted. Our proprietary medical review service provides our members with access to the best medical minds in the world, no matter where they are. We are removing the burden of uncertainty from members’ shoulders and creating a personal, compassionate and comprehensive way to ensure that people get the best possible medical advice.


Best Doctors

Our poll identifies the top 5% of specialists that doctors trust most.

Clinical Process

Our patented, best-of-breed process is the only one accredited by the ACCME.

Member Support

We provide comprehensive and compassionate support for the entire patient journey.

Global Network

We execute effectively with regional health care systems and differing cultures.

Data Analytics

We target high-value cases, populations and cost-driving medical trends.