Data developed by Best Doctors with our Enterprise Partners indicates that 3-5% of all work-related injuries typically generate 65-75% of all workers compensation costs. Yes, there can be variations, but the essential message is clear; an expert clinical focus on the most complex injuries and illnesses can lead to better outcomes for injured workers and have a significant impact on loss experience. A simple look at the high number of failed spinal fusions and the overuse of opiates and other narcotics are ample testimony to this unfortunate reality.

Unlike standard WC practices, such as Utilization Review, Peer Reviews and Independent Medical Exams, Best Doctors’ in-depth medical review process doesn’t delay or deny treatment. Instead, it helps ensure the right diagnosis and treatment is provided as soon as possible. Developed by our physician founders, this proprietary process improves clinical outcomes and reduces unnecessary costs.

It also helps assure injured workers and their families that the very best minds in contemporary medicine are working on their behalf.

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