BDOHI is designed to address the factors that genuinely drive workers compensation loss experience.

Our program design identifies high risk injuries and injured workers at the time of injury. This process allows the busy claim professional to quickly refer injured workers to our highly regarded Patient Advocate program.

  • BDOHI patient advocates work closely with our affiliate medical community to assure rapid referral and a focus of return to work as part of the medical care plan.
  • BDOHI physicians earn affiliation based on their medical expertise, similar to Best Doctors national group health programs…and their appreciation of “return to work” as part of a successful clinical outcome.
  • Our affiliate medical community is supported by our BDOHI medical directors who work closely with our patient advocates and your claims professional when medical situations may be running off the rails, or treating physicians.
  • BDOHI is not direct care. We function as care facilitators helping injured workers access physicians recognized as best in their specialties by their peers.