The CEO and claim leader of a large monoline workers compensation insurer decided that traditional managed care approaches were offering  little in genuine, quantifiable outcomes, and failed to address the real issues driving medical loss experience.  They wanted a better way that would empower claims professional to make better decisions, measurably improve outcomes for injured workers and actually reduce rising medical costs.

Working with public health experts with a deep knowledge of the claims process, they literally reinvented the way injured workers would be treated for their injuries. The result of that multi-year effort is the Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute (BDOHI).

Unlike traditional managed care programs, BDOHI works with a select number of regional monoline WC insurers, self-insured groups and municipal pools that are as committed to the welfare of the injured workers, as they are to the prudent management of precious premium dollars. They have already learned that when you do the first well…the other literally takes care of itself.

By harnessing our powerful analytical resources with the actual delivery of care, BDOHI provides its Enterprise Partners with a completely integrated set of clinical tools and resources that enables the busy claims professional to literally help injured workers navigate a complex medical system and become empowered stewards of their own care.

BDOHI is designed for those organizations that are innovative by culture, understand that medical expertise is a critical component to an efficient claim resolution process and that client acquisition and retention need not be left to the broker’s spreadsheet.