Organisations are more and more focused on providing their employees or clients with added value solutions to better manage their health and help reduce unnecessary treatment costs while decreasing return-to-work timeframes.



An employee benefit that will save both costs and lives.

When a company offers Best Doctors as an employee benefit to their staff they help them make important medical decisions with confidence. These decisions majorly affect their productivity, reduce work absenteeism and ultimately have a positive impact on their state-of-mind.



Best Doctors is a unique, innovative service that gives you an advantage that’s not available anywhere else. By giving your members access to medical information from the world’s leading specialists, you put their health in the best possible hands.

We provide people diagnosed with serious or worrying medical conditions, a range of essential medical information services including the certainty that their diagnosis and treatment is based on the most up-to-date knowledge available in the world.



Best Doctors helps add real value to already existing product portfolios. Our services help lower risks and costs associated with misdiagnosis, erroneous medical treatments, unnecessary surgeries and prescriptions, pointless medical visits and avoidable hospital stays.



Services offered by Best Doctors can be included within a wide range of policies including life, health, income and critical illness protection and accident insurance.

Drive and increase sales while expanding your service offerings and increasing your competitive advantage. Set your business apart by truly demonstrating that your client’s wellbeing is extremely important to your organisation.


If Best Doctors is not available and your company representative or health plan sponsor is interested in finding out more, please contact us here.

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