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Give your employees a benefit that shows you’re serious about your staff’s health.



Differentiate your products incorporating a benefit that adds value you can’t put a price on.



Best Doctors can really make your service stand out to potential clients. We work by your side to ensure your insurer’s needs are met.



A unique benefit that makes it easier to gain more business and retain customers.

Creating a Healthier Population

Offering Best Doctors to your clients or employees means providing them with access world-leading, prestigious medical minds, if they are facing a serious medical condition.

Time and again, our clients report that Best Doctors more than pays for itself. We help employers, insurance companies and affinity groups save pounds, reduce worry and even save lives. With offices around the world, we serve millions of people across 125 countries and deliver care in more than 20 languages.

Best Doctors helps organisations stand-out as employers who truly care. As an insurance company, it helps make your product more competitive and appealing to a wider client base.

For both organisations and insurance companies alike, a right diagnosis and treatment from the beginning means avoiding unnecessary costs incurred by inappropriate treatment and improves return-to-work timeframes.


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If Best Doctors is not available and your company representative or health plan sponsor is interested in finding out more, please contact us here.

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