• The Darker Side of Misdiagnosis

    November 18, 2016

    The Darker Side of Misdiagnosis

    This month in Health Matters, we bring our attention to depression and hypothyroidism. Although they are two separate diseases, depression can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, which is a deficiency in the levels of hormones created by your thyroid gland. The medications prescribed to increase low thyroid levels can often alleviate the many symptoms of hypothyroidism, including depression.

    Since the indicators of hypothyroidism and depression are similar, doctors sometimes overlook the possibility that a person who is dep

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  • Looking Beyond the Six Letter Word

    Focus on cancer and the many treatments.

    This month we will focus on the dreaded disease, cancer. There are nearly as many treatments for cancer as there are types of cancer, making it one of the most complex and life-changing diagnoses possible.

    Cancer can begin in the lungs, the breasts, the colon or even in the bloodstream. It can stagnate in certain areas of the body or spread through the body, and the spreading can happen slowly or very rapidly. While cancers are alike in some ways, they can differ significantly in many others—including how they grow and spread.

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  • Analytics Aiding Excellence

    Harnessing Health Data to Improve Outcomes

    For large organizations, 5% of a population can account for 60% of the medical costs. Do you know which 5%?

    Best Doctors provides enterprises of every size and type with analytics solutions that segment populations, expose trends, guide resource allocation, and identify members for medical intervention. With the right tools in place, companies can go beyond predictive analysis and reporting to truly improve health and financial outcomes. This webinar directly address the population health challenges that business face and explore the

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