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如果您或者您的家人正在面对一项重要的医疗决定时,请联系 Best Doctors。从小手术到癌症、心脏病之类的严重疾病,Best Doctors 都可以为您提供帮助。

Best Doctors 将确保您的个人信息 100% 保密,您无须承担任何费用。Best Doctors 是一项独立的资源,与您的健康计划或好时公司并无关联,Best Doctors 将为您的个人信息执行最为严密的保密措施。

如果您或您的家人正面對一項重大的醫療決定時,請聯繫 Best Doctors。從小手術到癌症、心臟病之類的嚴重疾病,Best Doctors 都可以為您提供幫助。

Best Doctors 將確保您的個人資料100% 保密,您無須承擔任何費用。Best Doctors 是一項獨立的資源,與您的健康計畫或好時公司並無關聯,而且對您的個人資料執行最嚴格的保密措施。

If you or a family member ever face an important medical decision, contact Best Doctors. For anything from minor surgery to serious issues like cancer, heart conditions and more, Best Doctors can help.

Best Doctors is 100% confidential and provided at no cost to you. Best Doctors is an independent resource, not associated with your health plan or The Hershey Company. Your information is held in the strictest confidence by Best Doctors.


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