FAQ for Physicians

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from physicians who are looking to work with Best Doctors.
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What is a Best Doctor?

A Best Doctors physician is selected by his/her peers through a proprietary polling process. Only currently listed Best Doctors are eligible to nominate and vote in the Best Doctors poll. Best Doctors are among the world’s most renowned medical providers. Learn more about the Best Doctors poll here.

How does the Best Doctors consultation process work?

Our consultation process works like this:

  1. A qualifying treating physician or patient who is facing a challenging clinical case contacts Best Doctors
  2. Our clinical team collects all relevant case information and medical records
  3.  Best Doctors’ in-house physicians create a clinical summary, review the medical records and draft key questions pertaining to the case
  4. The selected Best Doctors expert physician reviews the case and records and creates a detailed report, grounded in evidence-based medicine
  5. The treating physician and patient use this Best Doctors Report as a tool in their care plan
Is Best Doctors a list company?

No. Since 1989, Best Doctors has conducted one of the largest ongoing peer physician polls within health care to identify the physicians other physicians trust most. Best Doctors maintains a proprietary, global database—free from commercial and financial bias—of more than 50,000 physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties, who lend their diagnostic decision support expertise to treating physicians to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered at the local level.

What is the process for a physician to be included in the Best Doctors database?

A physician must be nominated by a current listed physician to be considered for inclusion. A nomination means that the doctor has been recommended for consideration and then must go through the evaluation process of the poll. During the evaluation process, currently listed Best Doctors physicians confidentially evaluate candidates in their own and related medical specialties. Once consensus of peer support is achieved, the physicians are subject to additional qualifying criteria, including verification of clinical activity, accessibility to existing and/or new patients and an active medical license with no disqualifying disciplinary actions.

How does Best Doctors decide which physicians to poll?

Only currently listed Best Doctors physicians are eligible to submit nominations and vote in the poll. Best Doctors does not survey the medical community randomly or in its entirety.

What is the Best Doctors in America® List?

The Best Doctors in America® List is the companion to the Best Doctors proprietary, global database of more than 50,000 physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties.

How many physicians are on the Best Doctors in America® List?

Approximately 5% of physicians practicing in the U.S. are selected to each Best Doctors list. There are currently about 40,000 Best Doctors in the U.S.

Once a Best Doctor is selected, does he or she remain on the list forever?

No, our peer review process requires that every listed Best Doctor be re-evaluated by their peers in each biennial poll.

How does Best Doctors avoid reflecting bias in the database?

Enough physicians participate in the polling process to eliminate commercial, financial and other biases. Each physician votes a custom ballot, generated to include a mix of candidates at their own and other area medical facilities and practices. Some of the most critical evaluations come from physicians evaluating others within their own facility.

Best Doctors has developed proprietary software that analyzes the votes and provides an aggregate score for each physician candidate. This yields a preliminary set of physicians who meet the initial criteria for inclusion. Only physicians who earn consensus of their peers and meet all additional criteria are selected to the database.

What exclusive benefits are available to a physician selected to the Best Doctors in America® List?

These benefits are available to listed physicians upon request:

  • Access the Best Doctors in America® List for personal or professional use.
  • Promote your medical practice. Upon request, Best Doctors will send a website seal announcing the physician’s inclusion and a press release template to communicate the doctor’s listing distinction to local press outlets.
  • Purchase the exclusive Best Doctors wall plaque or desktop recognition item, a tasteful addition to the waiting room or office.
  • Earn honoraria and Continuing Medical Education credits for consulting on Best Doctors services, such as InterConsultation®.
  • Physician name and contact information may be provided to members who are seeking care from someone in a specific medical specialty in the member’s geographic area.
  • Participate in Best Doctors services, such as InterConsultation®, and may be contacted to consult on a case as a Best Doctors Expert for which they earn honoraria and Continuing Medical Education.
  • May be listed in regional lifestyle magazines and well as business journals recognizing their Best Doctors inclusion.

To learn more about these benefits, email experts@bestdoctors.com.

Can a physician or his or her hospital pay to be on the Best Doctors in America® List?

Doctors and hospitals cannot pay to be listed, nor do we pay them to participate in the poll. Only physicians who earn peer consensus and meet the inclusion criteria are selected for the Best Doctors list.

Once a Best Doctors physician is selected, does he or she remain on the list forever?

No. The peer review process requires that every listed Best Doctor be re-evaluated by their peers in each biennial poll.

What are the clinical requirements for a Best Doctors physician?

In addition to receiving consensus of peer support, all physicians are evaluated on clinical activity. Listed Best Doctors must be accessible to existing and/or new patients in order to qualify for inclusion. In addition, physicians must have a current medical license free from any disqualifying disciplinary actions.

How can physicians on the Best Doctors in America® List be recognized?

At the request of Best Doctors physicians, we offer customized recognition items for any physician who has ever been selected as a Best Doctor. These recognition items make a handsome addition to any lobby, home office or waiting room. Learn more here.

Do you offer Continuing Medical Education credits?

Yes.  Physicians are eligible for a Category 1 CME credit by reviewing a case for Best Doctors, Inc. or by reading a case a Best Doctors Expert has written for your patient.

Best Doctors is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians.


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