As the leader in expert medical review and advisory services, we have partnered with hundreds of companies, ensuring that our members have access to the very best. Members have immediate access to our database of more than 50,000 expert physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. As a result, employees make better informed health care decisions while your company decreases its medical costs.



Payer-Provider Solutions

Best Doctors supports health plans achieving the Triple Aim by providing treating physicians and members access to world-renowned medical experts for an expert medical review. Clinical integration with the health plan is key to successful patient outcomes, so a full-time dedicated team is responsible for integration initiatives. These integrated health plan programs result in:

  • Up to 50% higher program utilization after integration
  • Cost savings for referred cases are up to 43% higher than self referral
  • 88% of members report confidence in medical decision making


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Insurance & Financial Services

Organizations that provide life insurance, supplemental coverage and other financial services partner with Best Doctors to deliver unique policy holder benefits. Globally, a variety of companies offer our expert medical advisory services to groups and plan members as a convenient way to add value and differentiate their offerings.



Workers’ Comp

Best Doctors collaborates with leading medical specialists on challenging workers’ comp cases. We address the small percentage of WC claims (roughly 5%) that generate the highest percentage of total claims costs (75-80%) through services that range from immediate oversight of catastrophic injuries to in-depth retrospective reviews of long-term claims.

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We transform population insights into action, using proprietary analytics to help identify gaps in care and manage chronic, high-risk member segments. As a result, costs decrease, quality increases and satisfaction improves significantly.


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