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From medical questions and concerns to a Best Doctors expert evaluation on an existing
condition and treatment, we help you get the clarity you need to make informed
medical decisions with confidence.

If you're questioning the need for surgery

“I got the magic call from Best Doctors. There was no cancer. It’s everything that was done with Best Doctors, the entire team – incredible. Best Doctors saved my life.”
— Ashifa, Canadian Member

Original Diagnosis

Metastatic Cancer

Original Treatment Options

Radiation of the neck and head

Confirmed Diagnosis

No cancer. It was a misdiagnosis.

Recommended Treatment

No cancer. It was a misdiagnosis.

If your current diagnosis or treatment hasn't been effective

My life changed the day I had that procedure, I went to the hospital totally incapacitated and left the hospital feeling alive again.”
— Vi, Canadian Member

Original Diagnosis

Heart arrhythmias

Original Treatment Options

Blood-thinning medication

Confirmed Diagnosis

Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Recommended Treatment

Several medical procedures including a minimally invasive catheter ablation procedure

If you need help deciding on your best treatment options

“My life has changed completely. Had it not been for Best Doctors, I would have had a hugely more invasive procedure that would have limited function and extended my recovery time.”
— Dan, Canadian Member

Original Diagnosis

Chronic hip pain due to a removed tumor

Original Treatment Options
  • Get a full hip replacement
  • Amputate his leg
Confirmed Diagnosis

Chronic hip pain

Recommended Treatment

Right hip replacement with scraping of where tumor was removed

Top Medical Experts

Our doctors are nationally recognized by their peers as the top experts in their fields. We collaborate with you and your current doctor to ensure everyone is aligned on your care experience.

With our 50,000 experts in 450 specialties and subspecialties, we are trained to make sure you know all your options and have all the answers you need.

Misdiagnosis is a scary reality

Many people will face misdiagnosis in their lifetime, which is why our expert evaluation service is so valuable.
Don't let fear or doubt get in the way of a clear step forward.
Take a look at the most common needs for our expert second opinion.

  • 35% symptoms aren't improving
  • 24% need help deciding among multiple treatment options
  • 20% question the need for surgery
  • 10% are skeptical about their current medical advice.
  • 7% don't understand a diagnosis
  • 4% have no diagnosis

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