how it works

When you’re facing the uncertainty of a medical condition, Best Doctors provides clarity and understanding, helping ensure you are on the right treatment path.

If you have a serious medical condition, Best Doctors will review your medical records, images and pathology to confirm your diagnosis and examine your treatment options. This service is completely confidential although many members choose to share their Best Doctors findings with their own physicians.

In addition to providing recommendations about serious medical conditions, Best Doctors can help you find a specialist or treatment facility within or outside Canada. We can also help you understand your medical condition and your available treatment options.


A Valuable Decision-Support Resource and More

Best Doctors services are available when you need:

  • A second opinion on a medical diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Assistance finding a top specialist in Canada
  • Assistance finding a top specialist outside Canada
  • Help navigating the Canadian healthcare system
  • MRI and CT scans in less than a week
  • Expert advice about a medical condition

Best Doctors is offered in Canada through insurance companies, employers and other organizations, as well as through individual or family memberships obtained directly from us. Our services are designed to complement the care you receive from your own doctor. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, we now serve over 40 million members in 100 countries and have reviewed tens of thousands of medical cases.