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The Best Doctors Poll

The Best Doctors Poll


Since 1989, Best Doctors, Inc. has conducted one of the largest, ongoing peer-to-peer physician polls in health care to identify the physicians other physicians trust most.

The poll question mirrors the peer-to-peer referral process that physicians themselves use to determine the most appropriate physician for an individual case or to find the best care for themselves and their families: “If you or a loved one needed a physician in your specialty, to whom would you refer?”

Once a physician receives consensus of their peer physicians as someone to whom other physicians would refer loved ones for care, he/she is researched and verified for clinical activity, licensure and disciplinary actions.

A selected Best Doctor doesn’t remain in the database forever. The peer-review process requires that every listed Best Doctor physician be re-evaluated by their peers in each poll.

Best Doctors, Inc. does not pay physicians to be included in the database, nor do physicians or their organizations pay Best Doctors. A physician cannot apply to become a Best Doctors physician. The only way for a physician to be selected to the database is to be nominated by and then receive voting consensus from Best Doctors physicians.

Best Doctors is not a list company and does not publish a directory of the database.

As a result, the proprietary, global database of more than 50,000 physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties, is free from commercial and financial bias.


Why Best Doctors is Unique

  • The large scope and depth of the voting physicians help eliminate biases of smaller-scale surveys and the potential distortion that results from a random survey of the entire physician community.
  • Best Doctors, Inc. never takes compensation of any kind from physicians or hospitals in return for listing physicians in the database, nor does Best Doctors pay physicians to participate in the poll.
  • Best Doctors, Inc. verifies all physicians in the database for clinical activity, medical licenses and certification requirements.
  • Best Doctors develops and maintains detailed profiles of each physician in the database through in-depth, on-going research. The profile includes education and training, diagnoses and procedures in the physician’s expertise, publications, special areas of medical research and/or experience and board certifications.