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Employers and Associations

As the leader in expert second opinions and medical advisory services, we have partnered with tens of thousands of companies and associations, ensuring that our members have access to the very best. Members have access to our database of more than 50,000 expert physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. Members also benefit from an infrastructure of medical experts unlike any other. As a result, employees/members make better informed health care decisions while your company or association decreases its benefit costs.




Your goal is to do what’s right for your business clients. Ours is, too. We’ll work closely together to meet your clients’ needs through the most extensive and customizable offering in the market. Through our network of world-renowned physicians, your clients will have access to the best medical care and advice. At the same time, you’ll have access to a dedicated Account Manager who is a true partner, building a relationship with you so that you can strengthen your relationships with clients.



Insurers and TPAs

Best Doctors supports insurance carriers by providing treating physicians and members access to world-renowned medical experts for a second-opinion review. Best Doctors improves diagnostic and treatment accuracy through expert reviews of complex and critical care cases. This value-added benefit allows insurers and TPAs the opportunity to provide a broad service offering to their clients, setting them apart from other carriers and TPAs.




We transform population insights into action, using proprietary analytics to help identify gaps in care and manage chronic, high-risk member segments. As a result costs decrease, quality increases and satisfaction improves significantly.

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