Acquired deformities

March 7, 2019

Not as common as they used to be

An acquired deformity is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part as a result of an injury, infection, arthritis, or tumor.

Common other causes of acquired deformities1 include:

  • misaligned broken bones
  • flattening of foot arches over time
  • osteoarthritis (a disease that causes the joints to degenerate)
  • conditions that cause tumors, goiters, or other masses to form, such as cancer or thyroid disease

Some acquired deformities may be visible, but many are not. Nonvisible symptoms depend on the cause of the deformity and include pain, decreased range of motion, and loss of function of the affected body part.

One of the most common types of acquired deformity is caused by rheumatoid arthritis,2 which can cause major damage to your hands and feet. Joints become deformed, and fingers and toes are bent out of shape. However, these changes are less common and less severe today, thanks to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

The appropriate treatment for any acquired deformity will depend on the cause. Medications are usually used to treat infections or diseases, and surgery may be an option for realigning bones or removing tumors.

Advances in medicine have reduced the prevalence of acquired deformities, but they still do sometimes occur. If you (or covered members of your family) have been diagnosed with one, your Best Doctors service continues to be your one-stop source of confirmation when you need a second medical opinion.

Our experts will review your case and provide a thorough, easy-to-understand report that either confirms or refutes your diagnosis and gives you the peace of mind to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system.

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