IBM Watson and the Brightest Minds in Medicine

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association features Best Doctors in a story about the inspiring collaboration between IBM Watson and the brightest minds in medicine

The National Cancer Institute estimates that nearly 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. By 2024, an estimated 19 million people will be living with a cancer diagnosis. Those astounding numbers also lay bare an inconvenient truth: that tens of millions of Americans are forced into a maze of uncertainty and options in a complicated health care system. The physical, emotional, and financial toll is one that affects patients, families, health care providers, plan sponsors, and so many more. Interestingly, many employers are stepping in to help fill those gaps with innovation and better options for their valuable employees and their family members. Employers are also concerned with the explosion in costs for cancer treatments and the impact a cancer diagnosis has on productivity and presenteeism.


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