Why Best Doctors

Best Doctors was founded with the specific goal of providing expert, independent clinical analysis to the people who need it most, regardless of their physical location. Over more than 28 years, Best Doctors has defined a market and built a global network to continue the mission of identifying and taking on the most complex, critical, and costly cases, wherever they may occur.


Real Savings

  • Help avoid unnecessary surgical costs and improve recovery times by ensuring that policyholders have the right diagnosis and are pursuing the most promising treatment options


Increase Morale

  • Decreases the risks and costs associated with misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, needless surgeries, unnecessary drugs, doctors’ visits and hospital stays
  • Improves employee satisfaction and workforce retention


Add Value

  • Distinguish your product offering from your competitors’ by bundling Best Doctors’ personable, useful services with your insurance products
  • Innovatively complements and enhances insurance products and employee benefits
  • A low cost way to add high value
  • Improve sales and retention


Strong Workforce

  • Lowers absenteeism rates and addresses presenteeism concerns
  • Shortens recovery times, including those associated with short and long-term disability
  • Provides expert opinions and information without requiring employees to miss work or travel
  • Helps retain members and attract new employees and members


Truly Care

  • Demonstrates real customer and employee care
  • Decreases employee concerns, anxieties and other productivity pressures


If Best Doctors is not available and your company representative or health plan sponsor is interested in finding out more, please contact us here.

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