Organisations are more and more focused on providing their employees or clients with added value solutions to better manage their health and help reduce unnecessary treatment costs while decreasing return-to-work timeframes.


Give your employees a benefit that shows you’re serious about your staff’s health.


A unique benefit that makes it easier to gain more business and retain customers.


We can make your service stand out to potential clients. We work by your side to ensure your insurer’s needs are met.

Doctor and patient

We Add Value

“Best Doctors is a quality service which really helps in differing our propositions and brands from our competitors. Best Doctors can provide reassuring, even life-changing information, not just to our members but their dependents too, with great possibilities for changes in diagnosis and treatment. We also believe Best Doctors is a great tool to retain our customer base.”

Offering Best Doctors to your clients or employees means providing them with the ability to access world-leading, highly prestigious medical minds, if they are facing a serious or worrying medical condition.

As an organisation it allows you to show that you care and to stand out from the crowd.

As an insurance company or broker it helps set your business apart and makes your product more competitive and appealing to a wider client base.

For both organisations and insurance companies alike a right diagnosis and treatment from the beginning means avoiding unnecessary costs incurred by inappropriate treatment and improves return-to-work timeframes.

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If Best Doctors is not available and your company representative or health plan sponsor is interested in finding out more, please contact us here.

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