More than data and reporting, we provide proactive population health analytics

Along with expert clinical services, Best Doctors now offers the most effective solution for achieving the Triple Aim of healthcare:

Improving the experience of care
Improving the health of populations
Reducing per capita costs of health care


Proactive Health Analytics

Stratus is a high-powered data intelligence application that delivers insight down to the individual patient. With a laser focus on individual needs, care gaps and individualized requirements, Stratus also provides the tools to improve physician performance and increase physician satisfaction. By separating signal from noise, Stratus delivers actionable recommendations focusing limited resources on areas of greatest need and potential impact.

Through Stratus, Best Doctors connects with physicians, payers and health systems to identify variations in practice and monitor the dynamics of specific member populations. Stratus includes a comprehensive integrated dashboard, robust data visualization, dynamic analysis and expansive reporting that produces powerful insight in a highly useable format that drives adoption and impact. More than information, Stratus drives providers toward opportunity and action.


Stratus delivers comprehensive insight in these areas:

  • Executive Level Performance Summary
  • Patient Registry Capabilities
  • Medical Cost Analysis
  • Provider Performance Comparisons
  • Provider Coordination and Continuity
  • Population Health Geo-Mapping Capabilities
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Inpatient Re-admissions and ER Patterns
  • Quality Measurement/Gaps in Care
  • Benchmark Comparison and Trend Analysis
  • Patient and Population Risk Analysis
  • Patient Access and Practice Flow Metrics



Patient Relationship Manager

A complete patient management solution delivers turnkey support with the ability to radically improve quality of care, patient outcomes and lower cost—all in a single, fully integrated application. This simple formula differentiates Best Doctors from disease management companies, wellness companies and other healthcare information technology providers.

With almost no spare time in the average American healthcare practice, providers and care coordinators struggle to keep up let alone initiate proactive patient interventions outside an annual appointment. Yet the need is overwhelming based on the percentage of patients who have a documented disease condition or wellness gap that requires immediate intervention.

EHR and Practice Management Systems are critical tools in a practice environment, but even the most advanced healthcare practices invest hours in reviewing patient data housed in multiple, disconnected systems. Piecing together the right information is one thing, but delivering the information to patients in an actionable context is another.

Cirrus is an operational and clinical decision-support application designed specifically for patient care coordinators. Cirrus delivers analysis on demand during scheduled appointments, outbound calls and inbound patient calls (three times more common than other interactions).

Cirrus pushes clinical rules upstream to real interactions with patients. And documentation travels back to the patient record ensuring that quality care is delivered consistently and effectively.



Technology alone won’t solve problems in health care

The right team and the right tools won’t gain the results necessary to succeed in a challenging healthcare environment. Effective change is about making sure that the quarterback and receiver are in the right positions working toward the same goals functioning as a coordinated care team. Best Doctors Analytics offers the necessary support to deliver high-value services that ensure practice success. Our consulting services ensure that our clients maximize their revenue, reduce their costs and improve satisfaction.



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