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Oncology Insight


To date, Best Doctors has completed over 100K expert medical reviews with an average cost savings of $36K per case.

Imagine what they will do with Watson.


Oncology Insight combines the knowledge of the world’s leading oncologists with a cognitive technology platform that rapidly provides clinicians with evidence-based treatment recommendations.

Watson™ technology uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured data, as well as millions of peer-reviewed sources and clinical guidelines, to support physicians as they care for their patients.

“A doctor has this big data challenge, given the thousands of medical research studies done every year. It is humanly impossible for an oncologist to know all that information. This is about providing that insight to the oncologist for a shared decision-making process to help make sure the best treatment options are considered.”

Kyu Rhee,
Chief health officer for IBM Watson Health.




With Oncology Insight, members receive an in-depth medical review from a world-renowned expert oncologist.



That Best Doctors oncologist is equipped with a cognitive technology platform that provides insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured data with a machine that has been trained with millions of peer-reviewed sources and is continually updated with new literature.



The member also gains access to the Oncology Insight clinical trial matching tool, which is able to match the specifics of the member’s case with the highly detailed entry criteria of ongoing trials.



The genomics function of Oncology Insight can also identify treatable mutations within tumor cells. The technology provides recommendations regarding targeted therapies based upon the tumor’s unique genetic landscape.

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