Data developed by Best Doctors with our Enterprise Partners indicates that 3-5% of all work-related injuries will typically generate 65-75% of all workers compensation costs. Yes, there will be variations, but the basic message is clear, an expert clinical focus on the most complex injuries and illnesses can lead to better outcomes for injured workers, and a significant impact on loss experience.

A bit closer attention shows that many of these costs are driven by misdiagnosis, inappropriate care and the inherent inefficiencies of medical practice. The traditional managed care strategies of nurse case management, IME’s and utilization review are simply not designed or equipped to address these clinically difficult issues. A simple look at the high number of failed spinal fusions, ineffective injections and overuse of opiates are ample testimony to this unfortunate reality.

Behind these numbers are real people and families struggling with the fear of a debilitating injury, economic hardship and a myriad medical decisions that any of us would be  ill-equipped to address.

Best Doctors workers compensation programs are designed to bring the very best minds in contemporary medicine to the service of the busy claim professionals, injured workers and their families. For the claims professional, the use of Best Doctors assures that he or she is doing all that is possible to achieve the best clinical outcome and not wasting precious premium dollars. For the injured worker and their family, the comfort and security of knowing that literally some of the best minds in medicine are working on their behalf.

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