Reliable expert advice and reassurance for parents

Just a little boy, Noa had been experiencing swelling in his lower jaw on and off for about a year and was diagnosed with a lymphatic malformation. His parents had been assured that the condition was harmless yet lately the swelling seemed to be lasting longer and they were worried.

The Best Doctors Ear, Nose and Throat specialist reassured them that not only was the swollen area benign, but there was every reason to expect that as Noa grew it would become less of a problem.

Nevertheless, the expert made sure to explain why the episodes seemed more prolonged and offered options for treatment going forward. Noa’s parents received practical and expertly-backed medical advice at a time when they felt unsure and worried. They can now watch their son grow up, with confidence and peace of mind.

This is a real Australia Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient. In order to respect and maintain the patient’s privacy, personal details have been modified. Photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only.