Confirmed diagnosis of Crohn's disease

Marco, a 32-year-old from Brisbane, was experiencing severe abdominal pain. A doctor's visit led to a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. After a follow-up appointment with a gastroenterologist, Marco was given a treatment plan and a course of medication. He turned to the Internet for more information, but found the results complex and confusing, calling it "the worst thing I could have done." Then he turned to Best Doctors.

A leading U.S. gastroenterologist reviewed Marco’s case, confirmed his diagnosis and treatment, and provided a comprehensive report. According to Marco, "I understood everything that was outlined in that report. I then took it to my gastroenterologist here who was amazed that this leading gastroenterologist in America actually had the time to review my case... It was a real relief for me to know that my doctor was on the right path."

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient.