Jodie & Bailey

Found "unavailable" surgical treatment for infant

Bailey was just a few weeks old when he developed a red blemish on the side of his head. His parents brought him to a pediatrician who diagnosed the blemish as a birthmark and said there were no treatment options. Stating that the mark would disappear in a few years, the doctor said not to worry. Shortly afterwards, Bailey's mother heard her son crying in his cot. “I was very shocked to see that he was just lying there covered in blood,” she says. No longer satisfied with “no treatment options,” Bailey's parents turned to Best Doctors. Best Doctors provided recommendations for surgeons in Australia and overseas. Bailey had his birthmark removed and is now a healthy, smiling little boy. "Thanks to Best Doctors for giving us the confidence and allowing us to seek the treatment that we received."

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient.