Further testing helped manage condition medically

Will had been taking medication for gastrointestinal reflux (GERD) and a hiatus hernia for several years when he started to experience symptoms so severe that he had to take extended sick leave from work.

His GP referred him back to the specialist, who gave him the option of lifelong medication or surgery. Confused and needing more information, Will decided to contact Best Doctors.

The expert gastroenterologist chosen by Best Doctors agreed with the GERD diagnosis but believed that not all of Will’s symptoms were caused by this and recommended further testing. He considered surgery as a last resort but discussed the pros and cons of both treatment alternatives.

Will shared the Best Doctors findings with his GP, who agreed with the expert that surgery was not the best option. Will and his GP then took the best and most informed decision for his health.

This is a real Best Doctors case which has been authorised for use by the patient. In order to respect and maintain the patient’s privacy, personal details have been modified. Photographs have been used for illustrative purposes only