Member Story: Simon


A bad fall from a scaffold at work left Simon with several injuries, but it wasn’t until about a month after the accident that he noticed a lump on the baby finger of his right hand. About a year later, Simon underwent surgery and the lump was sent to a pathology laboratory for further examination. Simon’s doctor, however, disputed the results of the pathology, telling him everything was fine and to contact him if the lump grew any bigger.

Within a week and a half of the surgery, the lump on Simon’s finger grew back even bigger than the original one. That’s when Simon decided to contact Best Doctors.

A top specialist at Harvard reviewed Simon’s case. When he received the report from Best Doctors, the results showed Simon was positive for a type of cancer called fibrous histiocytoma. The Best Doctors specialist recommended further surgery.

“My specialist said that if it had gone into the blood stream or the bone marrow, because it was very aggressive, it probably would have hit my lungs right away,” he said. “Without that Best Doctors report I would have been waiting far longer for the testing, the appointment with the specialist, and ultimately for the surgery.”